Our Favorite nature book to explore this summer

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By this time most of you know that we love learning in nature and about it! So When I got together with a few friends to share some amazing books for summer reading, my first thought was to share our favorite book to learn about nature.

Nature Anatomy- by Julia Rothman

This book will take you and your littles through a wonderful journey, to get to know nature and every little part of it. I could not possibly share in one single post, all the goodness, the activities and the knowledge of this book.

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Nature Anatomy is an amazing tour of the natural world, the author uses a perfect blend of art and science. Two of my absolute favorite things. It grabs your attention right along with the kids, and it takes you through the most detailed exploration of our beautiful nature and world.

Earth and water, flora and fauna, from the smallest of snowflakes, the strangest of mushrooms, the most peculiar bugs, the incredible population of water and land, to the vast majesty of the universe and constellations.

But the book isn’t just captivating because of all the beautiful art and detailed information. It also contains many activities, that will reinforce the learning experience. Art projects, recipes, and many other types of activities so it never gets boring.

I feel like Nature Anatomy has made the boy always be on the lookout, always observing the nature around them. Their minds remember the book and are always trying to compare the drawing from it to real life, when possible. This just makes my heart so happy!

Nature and kids-

Why is my kids learning from nature so important for me?

I know that Everything around us is becoming more modern, and digitized. It’s not that I am against it. I also want my kids to stay up with the modern world and grow up to be competitive in this world. Clearly, we all want our kids to be successful leaders!

But I also feel so strongly about the importance of nature and the connection that I want my kids to have with the beautiful natural world around them.

Since the 1990s researchers have been noticing a shift in how children spend their free time. The days when children spent hours outside, playing in the park, climbing all the trees, splashing in the creeks, building forts and houses with anything they found outside, have been almost completely replaced by video games, organized sports, hours of television and specific clubs.

Society is putting so much pressure on parents, basically, if you aren’t exhausted by the end of the day, from working, and having your kids in every possible club and activity, then you aren’t being a good enough parent.

Why is nature still important for kids?

Though the times have changed, the benefits of having kids out in nature have not. Here are a few of these benefits that I can think about:

  • Better school grades- the time that kids spend out in nature, helps them be more active, which improves their cognitive function.
  • Better mood- Time in nature improves everyone’s mood and reduces stress. Yes! kids get stressed too!
  • Stronger bones- more time in the sun means more vitamin D which also means kids will be less vulnerable to bone issues, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and more.
  • The sleep better- Sunshine and lots of physical activity, help reset natural sleep rhythms.

I’m sure the list goes on and on. But in conclusion, my heart just wants more kids to spend their free time outside, exploring their natural surroundings and making discoveries that will wow their minds and mark their lives with beautiful memories for years to come. That is why I chose this book to be the first one I share with you this summer!

One more thing I think I should mention is that I’ve found this book to be great for different age groups. Each kid can go as deep in the study of each subject, as their age and comprehension allows. I love that because there isn’t a pressure to complete an exact level, the tiny ones don’t have to feel left out and the older kids can go into the details and the science of it all.

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I hope that you find yourself a copy and become the most incredible explorer with the little people in your lives!

I would love for you to see one of our activities! We studies ferns! We have so many of them around us and the boys had a blast exploring, learning and creating with them! Guided by this incredible book. Check out the post here.

Do you want to see many other amazing books to read and explore with your kids this summer? Go to my friend’s blog here! to find out about a magical book to explore colors including fun activities to go along with it.

This post contains affiliate links, I am ever so grateful for your love and support! Until next time friends.

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  1. My husband is a geek when it comes to nature. He spent his whole childhood learning about all sorts of animals and all the greenery our beautiful world has. I always go to him when I have a question about bugs hahah. My kids have a great teacher and they love it.

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