Best Travel Gifts for Kids

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This post contains affiliate links. I truly love al of these products and know that they will make the best travel gifts for kids. They will love them so much! As always, I am so thankful for your continued support to our family.

Do you know kids whose families love to travel or love the nomadic lifestyle? Or the military families that have to do a long trek every PCS season, And then back to visit family for the holidays?

Traveling sure sounds fun, but it can be challenging, especially for families who have little ones with them. Parents need to make sure that the kids are comfortable and entertained on long journeys and gifting their kids something to help with that could really make their holiday season.

I know from our own experience that being prepared can make trips just so much easier and fun, instead of being stressed and trying to come up with ideas last minute.

If you’re struggling to find the best travel gifts for kids, don’t worry! I created this great list to take the pressure off. Check out my handy guide below and find a gift that makes kids more excited to travel!

The best travel gifts for kids-

CozyPhones HeadPhones

Headphones are a must for anyone who travels, but the usual headphones are pretty boring and not designed to suit young children. These CozyPhones are a great alternative for kids. They are cute, and come in a range of designs that you can choose from. Plus, the soft fabric is super comfortable, and most kids can comfortably fall asleep with them on as well.

Travel Scavenger Hunt Card

An easy and fun gift they can bring anywhere they travel. This Travel Scavenger Hunt Card game will make any road trip much more fun for kids. Banish road trip boredom with a fun game that the whole family can join in with.

Kids Travel Tray

This travel tray is a great way to keep all of your kids things organized and provide them with a stable area to draw, color or just generally play with their toys. No more fumbling around to find what they want. They can store their crayons, books, toys, snacks, and watch their favorite shows. Perfect for long road trips as well as plane travel and train rides!

Kids Travel Pillow

Any little frequent flyer can find it hard to stay comfortable on long haul flights. This travel pillow will give the comfort kids need. It is very soft and will help them to sleep longer so they can wake up well-rested and have the energy they need. The kids getting enough sleep can make or break a long day of travel, as you already know. This if a gift that will keep giving.

The Ultimate Travel Journal

A personal souvenir for the kids! This Ultimate Travel Journal helps kids keep a record of their travel memories. They can jot down fun discoveries and any highlights they want to share with the whole family. It also has some games and other fun activities that can keep them entertained.

The Travel Book

The famous Lonely Planet travel guides are not only for adults but also for kids. This specific book has thousands of amazing facts on wildlife, people’s lifestyles, sports, mouth watering food, festivals and other quirky travel insights. Plus, kids can enjoy the beautiful photos and illustrations.


These BusyBags are filled with reusable, hands-on activities for kids to keep them entertained on any long journey. A great way to quickly gift a traveling kid enough to keep them entertained without having to buy everything separately yourself. Parents can just keep the bag packed and ready to go. As a mom who has traveled a lot with littles, I can tell you that this is a life saver! And you get so many compliments on how the kids are quiet and busy! Parents will love you for this one!

Ride-On Suitcase and Carry-On Luggage

Who says kids have to use a boring suitcase? This Trunki suitcase and carry-on luggage is a great travel companion for any little one. It has a fun design, and it’s a ride-on suitcase that will save their little legs from all the walking between airport terminals. Its multi-functional strap is very convenient for parents to carry as well.

Kids Camera

This gift is perfect for parents who worry about their expensive DSLR cameras. Not only is this is an ideal gift for parents, but of course, it is perfect for the kids! This is a great way to help kids capture those special travel memories and get them thinking creatively and practicing their photography skills. I dare say this one is my favorite! My heart melts when I see my mini me boys capturing amazing photos that will make the trips truly unforgettable.

Smart Watch

A functional gift for kids. This SmartWatch has Wifi, GPS, and LBS Location that can help kids send SOS emergency calls when they don’t feel safe, or are lost. It has two-way calling so they can give updates and parents can call them. It is an added safety measure for any travel family that kids will also love. The boys love to have a watch that matches mommy so there is also that.

Travel Tumblers

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These colorful stainless steel tumblers are so fun and useful. They are the perfect size for little hands, and they keep their drink warm or cold for hours! My boys love theirs. I Know your kids will too.

I hope this round up of was helpful to you. In a world when kids usually have all they want and then some, it’s so amazing to gift things that will help their experiences more comfortable and fun!

Do you have more ideas? I would love to hear them. We travel so much too and I’m always on the lookout for the best travel gifts for my boys.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Until next time.

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