Zo Zo Zombie weird fun for kids

weird fun for kids Zo Zo Zombie

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Have you ever heard of Zo Zo Zombie? this is a super fun and silly show that plays on YouTube with new episodes released every week.

kids with some zombie makeup on and acting like zombies in Zo Zo Zombie

Zo Zo is a friendly Zombie who is always looking to help the underdog and always end up getting into some sort of trouble for the sake of others. In this story is also Isamu, who is a normal school boy who has a zombie for a best friend and that is one of the boys favorite things in the show! How two different boys with supposedly nothing in common can be the best of friends.

boys sitting on the couch watching Zo Zo Zombie

But Zo Zo Zombie is not like any other zombie show! It’s full of gags, slapstick humor, and good-natured-gross-outs. He can use his organs from his own body to help him get out of sticky situations. So naturally my boys love it!

They received an amazing customized box filled with fun goodies that they used to help each other look a little like Zo Zo and Played around the house as my favorite little zombies.

Simple Zo Zo Zombie look-

To achieve the look, they used some of the hot chocolate powder under the eyes to look like dark circles, one bandage on the forehead, like Zo Zo, and some red gel frosting under the bandage to look like dripping blood. It was simple and quick but loads of fun!

Then they enjoyed the sweet candies while watching a marathon of the show on the couch. It was perfect for us because it rained all day.

If you want to see a few videos of the boys unboxing their treats, come hang out with us on Instagram as I will be sharing all the excitement on our stories!

Are you ready to have some weird gross fun? Get the snacks ready and a good comfy spot because your kids are going to want to watch one more episode and then one more! Check them out here once your snacks are ready!

Enjoy and have a lot of Zo Zo Zombie fun!

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