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This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx but all opinions are my own. I love to share back to school ideas that will help your kids have a healthy and happy school year.

The time has come! Ready or not, we are all headed into the new school year. No matter which schooling option you chose, I know that you are doing the best for your family and children.

Now let’s take on the new school year and make it amazing for our little ones. I want to share a few back to school ideas that can help keep the kid on track for a healthy and fun year.

Back to school ideas:

1. Words of affirmation-

Our kids are entering into a whole world of newness. They have been experiencing the global pandemic already but now they are about to see that it will also affect their school life. Take time to talk to them, to let them know it’s ok to be confused because we will learn together. It’s ok to be frustrated and nervous, because they have amazing support in their teachers and you. Take time to listen to your children, let them know that it’s important for them to communicate how something is affecting them and how they think you can help. This will lay out a foundation for a year where they will always know that someone has their back. And even if you don’t have all the answers, they will know that they can count on you to search together with them.

2. Establish a routine-

If you ask anyone, they would tell you that I am the queen of spontaneous adventure! But we all know that having a consistent routine is amazing for kids and adults alike. With all the new things that they will have to learn, having a routine and knowing what is next, will help the kids to not be constantly wondering what is next. That takes so much stress away from them.

Laying out clothes for the next day, taking a nice shower/bath, and making sure that school things are ready, will make for a great morning of getting ready without rushing.

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Their Deodorant, Shampoo, and conditioner are made with natural ingredients that helps them have clear, hydrated skin and oil free hair.

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3. Pack a nutritious lunch-

Even if the kids are going to be doing virtual learning at home, it would help their routine to have a nutritious lunch packed and ready. That way they wont forget to eat their lunch and end up having all sort of fun but not nutritious snacks through the day.

We have loved our new lunch bags from Funkins. These stylish and cute isolated bags are designed by moms and tested by kids! They are great for on the go or also at home. I totally love how they are machine washable to make things way easier for me.

When you check those out, make sure to look for their eco friendly reusable napkins and placemats that will also match their lunch bag. How cute is that?

You can use code Babble2020 for 25% off lunch bags and napkins/placemats sets through September 15th, 2020

If you want a simple and cute idea for a lunch to pack, check out my prehistoric lunch here

When packing a lunch, make sure to include plenty of protein, fruit and veggies and of course a healthy grain!

Another way to complete and surprise your little one at lunch time is to include these fun little notes from MyWish4U the boys always get all happy when they find notes from us in their lunches and their favorites are the riddles and giggles!

4. Be Flexible-

This one is huge! It feels like every day, things are changing. I know it’s hard to stay open and flexible but it really can change the mood for the whole family if this starts with us.

It really is a weird time for everyone, our leaders are learning as they go as much as we are and the best way we can lead our families is to try and stay flexible and open to a new normal. We will make the best of it and it will be great.

5. Schedule some fun-

That’s right! In all the effort to give the kids the best year yet, you might be forgetting to take a moment to just have some good family fun. Take a walk together if you are able, play a good game that will just be for fun. Bake together or make a batch of the oh so dreaded slime!

Scheduled fun has been amazing for our family. We love to do things, and help others but sometimes we get so busy and we have learned to appreciate the beauty of having nothing else to do but to relax and have fun together.

A super fun and simple game that the littles are loving is Grouch Couch from Spin Master this is a super funny game that will bring out all the giggles! You can find it here.

The big kids have also enjoyed the InstaStudio Hands-Free Video Station from WeCool Toys/Compound Kings. This is the ultimate hands free video recording studio. It’s easy for the kids to use so they are all about making videos on how to build super awesome dinosaurs with blocks and how to make slime. I am thinking I want to use it too! I have to come up with a cool idea for it.

6. Be proactive-

We can do our part to help slow the spread of sickness and to keep our little ones protected. Have a conversation with your kids about why they are required to wear a mask at school or at places that you might go for study meet ups or field trips.

Practice correct hand washing with them at home so that they keep doing it wherever they go. Talk to them about staying healthy and loving others by helping keep them healthy as well. Let them know how things work much better if we all do our part!

We are totally prepared with the cutest masks we found by Funkins. They had every size we needed and the prints are just so fun. These masks are not for medical use but they are perfect for the kids to use when going out or going to school. They are so soft and comfortable and the patterns are just perfect for them.

Another big way that we are protecting the boys is with these special Blue light glasses for kids from Zenni. It’s so important to us that their eyes can be protected from the damaging blue light that is in their screen and since this year so many kids are going to be doing some portion if not all of their learning on a device, I thought it was important to mention these as well.

These super stylish glasses are the perfect size for the little ones and they are designed for comfort too!

I hope these back to school tips have been encouraging and helpful to you and your family. I am excited to hear how you will conquer this year and make it the greatest yet! Different doesn’t have to be the worst. We will overcome.

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  1. Those little lunch bags and notes are everything! Totally going to get those. I love the idea of a prepacked lunch for distance learning. A sense of the old routine. <3

  2. Love all these ideas especially words of affirmation and setting up a routine. Our kids are creature of habits so it’s important to establish them at an early age. And yes, I will not let this year defeat me.

  3. These are all such great tips! Thank you for sharing. I think stablishing a routine will be the hardest one for us right now.

  4. In addition to checking in on your child’s physical health and learning when she goes back to school, you should also keep an eye out for signs of stress and anxiety. COVID-19 may be impacting your child’s mental health, and it’s important to demonstrate that it’s normal and OK to feel overwhelmed at times. When in doubt, empathy and support are the way to go.

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