Prehistoric bento lunch

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Well if I haven’t heard all about dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures from the boys, I am sure I soon will! Like most kids and a lot of grown ups, these boys are absolutely crazy about them! It’s clear why this is their favorite bento lunch.

We seem to own dozens of books about dinosaurs yet when we go to the library, they find even more books to bring home about them.

I remember all the times the asked to go to the Museum Of Natural History, so that they could watch the paleontologists work on different bones or fossils

Of course I have to often make them different dinosaur snacks, which is how I came to this super cute Prehistoric bento lunch.

Dinosaur Quesadillas-

To make the dinosaur quesadillas, I used this super cute dinosaur cutter to cut the flour tortillas. I made sure to have two dinosaurs per kid and set those aside.

dinosaur sandwich cutter dinosaur lunch dinosaur party food

I warmed up a very little bit of coconut oil on a pan and set the first dinosaur down, then added shredded mozzarella cheese on them, added a single slice of hard salami, and then the other layer of dinosaur.

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When you add the salami, make sure that an even amount of it sticks out on the top, like in the picture below

Flip your dinosaurs so that they cook on both sides, remove from the heat and let them cool. Once they are cool enough to touch, use a pair of kitchen scissors to shape the plates on the back of the dinosaurs like shown in the picture below

Prehistoric bento lunch-

Once the dinosaurs were ready, we chose some favorites that we had handy to complete the bento lunch.

A bed of spinach for the dinosaurs.

Pop corn and pretzel stick mix for our volcanic rocks with fossilized wood.

Green and Black olives for our dinosaur eggs.

And last but not least, pineapple and cucumber slices for our plant eater grub.

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I hope you have a lot of fun making this lunch for your kids!

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