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Shepherd’s Pie, Crock-pot Edition

Last week we had some stormy days that were cooler than normal, so it got me thinking of fall. I wanted to make some delicious comfort food but also wanted to go tour the capital city with our friends. The struggle is real for my wandering heart friends!

I decided to use my handy dandy slow cooker. It would make our dinner while we went out to explore. Now I know a lot of you don’t like what the slow cooker does to some foods, and trust me we don’t either! So I have gathered a few tips to make things better.

For example: have you noticed how the ground beef usually turns into a gritty mix of not so yummy food? Fear no more!  I discovered that if you mix the meat with a past of milk and bread, then brown it, and then put it in the crockpot, the results are incredibly different! tasty and tender meat that everyone will love. I know it sounds weird, but hear me out! give it a shot!

Well back to our hearty comfort meal! I did the process above with the meat and then chopped up come carrots and cooked them with tomato paste and peas, mixing in some tomato paste, to give it that sweetness that all comfort food needs!

After the veggies were browned, I added some flour and chicken broth so that it becomes thick like my favorite meat pie filling. Both things into the crock-pot and then the secret touch! Added some sour cream and soy sauce! So that our flavors are deep and unique.

And that’s it!  We went out on our adventure while our dinner cooked at home. I just had to make sure to be home on time to make some delicious mashed potatoes to go with it.

I was a huge hit with grown ups and kids! after a long day of walking, exploring and being rained on while ridding a double decker bus. Yes I will share about that another time!

As always, I can’t wait to hear about how dinner went at your house!

Here is the recipe, in case you want to try it out! 🙂 Make sure to tell me all about it please!

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