Scavenger hunt for kids

small child holding a plant that he found for his indoor scavenger hunt

My kids love a good scavenger hunt. We have done all kinds of different ones. But what if you’re stuck inside? You can easily do it inside too! So I put together this fun indoor scavenger hunt for kids to share with you all.

Scavenger hunts are engaging and fun, they help kids stay busy for a good time and they also allow them to practice critical thinking and problem solving in a practical way.

child holding his nose and frowning because he is smelling sauerkraut to complete indoor scavenger hunt

When we find ourselves having to stay indoors for any reason, having a scavenger hunt with the kids is a quick and easy way to get them engaged and exercise their minds and bodies as they work together as a team to find all the items in the list. Working as a team, will help your child to practice their social skills too.

two children working as a team to build a square piece. one child is wearing a blue shirt and the other is wearing a hat.

Another fun way to play with this list is to put a time limit and have them compete against each other to find the items before everyone else. You know your children best and you will be able to see if they would have more fun competing or working with you or with siblings to complete the task. Either way, it is really fun.

Indoor Scavenger hunt

One thing I really love about having scavenger hunts inside is that each kid will find different things even for the same item. You will see how they interpret the task and how their minds work to solve it. While one child might love the smell of a plant, the other one might hate it!

small child holding a rosemary plant and smelling it with a smile.

Another amazing aspect of an indoor scavenger hunt is that you don’t need to prepare much of anything for it! Use our free printable, give them some pencils to mark the chart and just let them find all the treasures around the house.

small child leaning on a tower of pillows he found during the indoor scavenger hunt

A good idea is to have the kids put all of the found things back where they found them, so that you don’t make unnecessary extra work for yourself. And also to help the kids make a habit of cleaning up after themselves after having fun.

Here is one of our favorite indoor scavenger hunts for kids, you just have to click on the image to download this amazing free printable. it’s ready to print and for you to have fun!

free printable chart for an indoor scavenger hunt for kids and family. click download and print

I would love to see all the things your kids come up with on their searches! please share on Instagram and tag us!

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Until next time friends!