About Us

Hello Friends!

My name is Maria! I’m the mommy blogger and mom blogger Instagrammer sharing our story in the For Mommy’s Dragons blog.

I’m a wife and mommy to 4 wonderful boys that you will get to know because I LOVE to share about our family life and adventures as we learn through experiences of travel, military life, and homeschooling.

Of course, with a large family like ours, we enjoy experiencing life through food as well! You’ll find some of our favorite family recipes and restaurant food from all the places we go.

Community is one of my favorite things in the world. That’s why I love to get to know people from everywhere and learn from them, and I want to learn from you too! So please always feel free to comment and make suggestions or show me your creations! It makes me smile when I can build a community through my family blog.

The world keeps going in harmony because of people, and how they help other people. I’m so happy that you are my people and we can help each other in this journey of motherhood and life. Let’s learn together and keep in touch!

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If you want to keep up with our daily adventures and learning fun, come hang out with us on Instagram!